The Baltic Book Art Biennale-2018 will take place in St. Petersburg.

2018 Theme "DUALISM"

Exhibition of works by artists of Russia and the Baltic region.

The exhibition includes the artist's book, installations, objects, photos, graphics, works of media art, which can be regarded as the author's interpretation of the book theme. In modern language, artists talk about their perception of opposites - temporal and eternal, male and female, Cosmos and Chaos, light and darkness, nature and civilization. In the struggle of opposites, their unity is born and a new cycle of development is born. If proportionality wins in this fight, a new energy is awakened. The static state of equilibrium or the whirlwinds of a fatal battle are different stages of the same process. Movement and exchange of energies makes it possible to get a breather and stand still for a moment in a state of static harmony. Each artist relates to this topic in his work - the male-female attitude, the artist-model, peace-movement, creativity-contemplation leads to the emergence of new images. Other authors work with spatial categories, opposing strict geometry and chaos. Someone considers the category of time as the basis for artistic expression.

The exhibition presents works associated with the text. The text itself can also be a work, a series of images, symbols and signs, objects. But it inevitably develops into a statement, with a number of references scattered in cultural contexts. Thus, a book in modern art can be an art project. The exhibition also features traditional objects from the artist’s books and graphic sheets selected in an implied book on the stated topic. This allows us to somewhat narrow down and clarify the interpretation of the theme "Dualism" and find in them links with literary works or get along with the author's concept.

About 40 artists from St. Petersburg, Moscow, the Baltic region are selected for participation in the exhibition.

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Curator Inna Grinchel

Opening 3 Dec 2018 at 18.00 IFA exhibition halls, Nevskiy 60

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